HERC XXL Oven Tempered Glass Oven Front Panel

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HERC (Home Emergency Radiant Cooking)™ Oven Front Panel by Titan Ready USA® Made in  the USA!

The new design for the HERC™ Oven tempered glass front panel provides a better view of the inside of the oven with a larger viewing window, 4” x 10” instead of 2” x 5”. It’s also made of quarter inch thick tempered glass instead of plastic. The glass provides better transparency than the plastic, and glass in inherently safer than plastic at high temperatures and during accidental oven fires.

Previous front panel revisions are NOT defective. This design update is not to correct any design faults. This is simply and update that provides HERC XXL Oven users with a better oven.
  • Cleaning: The steel panel can go straight in the dishwasher
  • Where to Use: Indoor or outdoor
  • Viewing Window: Tempered glass
  • Overall Dimensions: 19” L x 12” W
  • Interior Dimensions: N/A 
  • Storage Dimensions: 19” x 12” x 2”
  • Material: 18 gauge #304 stainless steel w/brushed finish, laser cut
Proudly manufactured 100% in U.S.A. (because it matters to us)
100% Money Back Guarantee. If this oven does not cook like we say or you are in anyway unsatisfied, return to us for a full refund! (less shipping & handling) 

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