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Why should I buy a Titan Ready USA Hydrant Water Rack System?

Ease of water access
     - designed for immediate access in emergency situation by simply turning 
one valve
     - does not require siphoning, removing caps or repositioning water
barrels (e.g., dumping) for access to clean water

Ease of water rotation
        - designed for children and adults to use by simply hooking up a hose

Time efficiency
     - rotation completed in 15 minutes 2x per year

Space efficiency
     - footprint of Titan ReadyWaters Rack System is 6 sq/ft - compare to 8
sq/ft for two 55 gallon barrels standing side by side

Exceptional Quality
            - Tube steel, fully welded and powder coated in the USA

Why are water barrels not included in the Titan Ready USA Hydrant 55 Gallon Rack System?

The cost of shipping two 55 gallon barrels is quite costly to our customers.  As we aim to provide you with the best price on our System, we offer our services in helping you find a source near you for 55 gallon barrels. 

Is the Titan Ready USA Hydrant Rack System easy to assemble?

Yes.  Instructions include diagrams for each step of assembly.  Assembly typically requires 15 min.

What type of hose should I use to rotate my water?

To drain your water, all types of hoses will work.  To fill you your water barrels, we recommend a food grade plastic water hose.

Do I need to treat my water?

Treatment of water is not typically required when rotating your water consistently.  We recommend water rotation every 6 months. 

Where do I place my Titan Ready USA Rack System?

On a hard, level surface - out of direct sunlight.

Is the Titan ReadyWater Rack System sturdy?

Absolutely.  This System was engineered with a wide base and low center of gravity.  When the 55 gallon water barrels are filled, the System weighs 1000lbs. 

What if I want to store my Titan Ready USA System in my basement?

We have that covered, too.  Simply connect your fill hose to the bottom valve and your drain hose to the top valve and push clean, fresh water though your System up and out of your house.